a project commissioned by the Peoria Parks District to teach 3rd grade stuents at the Peoria Public Schools District about Smart Grid technology and renewable energy.
A City power management game aimed to teach 3rd Graders of the Peoria Public Schools District about Smart Grid Technology. Players will power houses, build power generators, and answer quiz questions to learn about Green Energy and how it interacts with Smart Grid.
The Game is Playable Here.
I was the team lead for the project coordinating a team of 10 other students. I was responsible for contacting the clients, scope control, and coordinating designers, artists, and programmers. 

Andrew Krenzel - Team Lead
Austin Buck - Dialogue Writing
Charles Bolt - System Design
Darlynn Best - UI Design
Doug Guzman - Lead Programmer
Gwen Collins - 2D Art
Matthew Gaby - Programmer
Matthew Sciarabba - Sound Design
Quinn Donnelly - Programmer
Skyler Madigan - Level Design
Spencer Stillwell - Animation

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